Creating a Logo


  • Select the color scheme for your business. This palette will cover your website, business cards, paper goods and logo. The psychology of colors in business should be taken into consideration when selecting your color palette.
  • Truly understand your audience and ideal clientele. You will want the logo to appeal to them.

Designing Your Logo:

  • Make a list of symbols, concepts, images and ideas of what you think your logo should reflect.
  • Ask employees, family and friends for additional creative ideas.
  • Hire a professional designer with a background in graphic design for the actual logo creation.
  • If price is of concern try where for a minimal price you can get design ideas from around the world.

Logo Design Check List:

  • Can you accurately describe your logo in 3 words or less? Answer needs to be yes.
  • Is your logo unique, and not in violation of any other companies design? Answer needs to be yes.
  • Does the design make sense with your brand? Answer needs to be yes.